Investment Management

You are moving the frontier of technology and investing?

FinTech solutions in banking and asset management

Life sciences with novel approaches using molecular biology, semiconductors or software

 Electronics and new sensor solutions

Digitalization of traditional value chains

You want

to structure, optimze and place your assets with investors?

 to invest in the areas of private equity, venture capital, infrastructure or real estate?

to realise extra value for your enterprise!

Tapping the full potential

Companies that chose to come to terms with growth strategies and the appropriate financing solutions are clearly at a competitive advantage. We find attractive targets and assets that can be acquired off-market. We develop customized financing strategies and open you the doors to international investors and partners for co-operation.

We accompany you in the negoatiation processes with owners of attractive companies and finance houses  while opening up funding sources of the capital markets as required and employing the appropriate means and instruments. For instance, the preparation and realisation of a bond placement, an IPO or just a credit facility with an investment house.

We create value as a Company builder at an operative and strategic level, we add value via investments and financing solutions.

Since 2016, we work closely as an expert and mentor for technology driven Start-ups, with UnternehmerTUM, the Technical University of Munich and