Case Studies

Passion for solutions

One of our recipes for success is: We always find a solution.

Here are some of our solutions that have already proven themselves.

Solution financing Germany

For an established medium-sized company, Global Investment Bridge AG (GIB) was able to help bear the costs of an important market development measure and subsequent market development.

After negotiations, equity financing was provided for a seven-digit sum with repayment modalities over six years.

This helped significantly with the assumption of expense items, the maintenance of liquidity and the improvement of the company's performance.

Overall, the credit rating was improved.


Solution Joint Venture Russland

A German industrial company came to GIB with the desire to be able to make wider use of its core competencies in the field of engineering internationally.

The Russian market was seen as strongly growing, with moderate competition and technically less convincing product and service offerings.

GIB AG developed a tailor-made market study for the customer, which confirmed his first insight and helped him to give a more nuanced presentation.

In a second step, based on the market study, several target companies were jointly identified as possible cooperation partners and contacted via the GIB OOO office in Moscow.

Auf Basis des nachhaltig erwiderten Interesses eines russischen Unternehmens fanden unter deutsch-russischer Moderation der GIB ein reger Austausch und Verhandlungen statt, die in eine für beide zukünftigen Partner lukrative Vereinbarung einer Zusammenarbeit mündeten.

Solution Transaction and Asset Managment in Germany

A German industrial family, having pursued the sale of their main commercial real estate for some years, failed to reach a desired minimum price objective, working with regional brokers.

With a new mandate given, GIB identified the key financial figures and parameters required for institutional investors, analyzed the asset, wrote investment exposees, identified and approached about one hundred, mainly institutional investors. GIB then led and co-ordinated the negotiations and sourced-in offers from interested parties, against the background of a professional M&A process. Offers were placed and confirmed.

As a result, the real estate asset could not only be sold, it was placed with a premium of +24% with respect to the orginally required pricing (before costs) of the family.

Technical University Munich, UnternehmerTUM, Max-Planck-Institutes.

With a corporate background of Siemens, Infineon and Hitachi, Herr Riemann worked as an expert and mentor for technology start-ups at the Munich universities since 2016. The start-ups originate in the areas of robotics, software development and digitalization of internet-based services for large enterprises, industrial processes in the area of cryo technologies, digital twins, battery technologies and future automobile solutions. Out of these activities, Christian Riemann initiated and founded the Bacteriobator, together with PhDs of Max-Planck-Institutes.


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