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In 2017, we had the mandate of an industrial family and their family-office, to prepare and to carry out the sale of their main commercial real estate in a large city of Germany. Following a vendor due diligence and the research and approach of about one hundred investors, we managed to negotiate a sale to an international, institutional investor. We outperformed the pricing that was defined in our mandate by +24% (before own fees).

At UnternehmerTUM, we work as an expert and mentor to technology start-ups, in our 2nd year. The start-ups that we work with come from the area of robotics, advanced industrial processes, automotive and battery technologies and digitalization of services in large scale industries. All of the start-ups are government funded.

We founded our own start-up "Bacteriobator" together with PhD scientists from the Max-Planck-Institute of Bio Chemistry and now have collaborations of about ten universities, clinics and centres of research in the EU to take us forward.


Since the enforcements against Russia and the decline of Renewables in Europe, we are focusing on M&A transactions, Venture Capital, Private Equity and Real Estate Transactions. We are building up new networks to prospering economies in Asia.

Placement of Commercial Real Estate Assets in Germany to institutional and private investors.

Researching and consulting in the area of Life Sciences and Medical devices.

Coaching Start-ups and performing due dilgence and negotiations for investments.

Work with large PE houses from Germany and the UK.

2009 - 2014

UCITS funds were registered and introduced in the Russian financial market. Particular focus was placed on VIP and institutional investors, with annual Roadshows.

Private Banking and Asset management 2012

Visiting Institutional investors from Russia. April 25th, an extensive dialogue took place to illuminate new concepts and strategies in asset management and brokerage in Russia and in Western Europe. Participants included Gazprom Bank, Baader Bank from Munich and other Asset managers, fund managers and banks. 

Following the conference, a Roadshow to Russian institutional investors in Moscow was organized. Based on proven and tested strategies, customized portfolio management, Private Wealth Management.

Roadshow Turkey Renewable Energies 2010

Turkish energy companies were visited in Ankara and Istanbul to discuss and exchange on issues of wind, hydro and bio-mass.

Investment Roundtables 2010 Doha, Munich, Zurich

GIB together with partners organized a roadshow for Russian companies to meet selected investors in Munich and in Zurich.

GIB opens a representation in Doha, Qatar, with a local partner. A roadshow to Doha took place in February.

Real Estate Forum Vienna 2008

3rd and 4th Jahresforum für die Immobilienwirtschaft, Real Estate Forum 07 and 08 in Vienna. Christian Riemann held a presentation on the Real Estate Markets and on instruments used for financing.

Investors Conference Moscow, September 2007

On Sept. 26th, the Global Investment Bridge OOO presented a conference paper at the international Investors Conference at the Ararat Hotel in Moscow.

Mr. Riemann gave his paper together with his colleagues. He used the example of western capital markets to talk about financing strategies and financing instruments in front of Russian business people.

From 23rd to 29th of October, the Global Investment Bridge accompanied a delegation of Russian Bankers in Germany.



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