Overcome boundaries

In Asia, we have good expertise and business relationships in:

Greater China


and in Japan

We can negotiate your projects with East Asian investors and other local partners.

In Turkey, amongst other we can negotiate energy projects and distribution strategies.

Financial services and private banking seek for growth potential between Asia and Europe.

The 7 success factors for your Asian business and our added value:

Strategic alignment of your company to Asian markets

With so many potential market entry strategies, you need to find the best solution for your business and your goal.

And this is only useful if it can be implemented in the respective Asian country or Russia.

We develop the right strategy with you and make your company fit for market entry.

Information about the market and local features

These are essential to make the right strategic decisions.

We analyze your market, your industry, your customers and thus reduce your entrepreneurial risk.

Knowledge about cultural differences and how to deal with them

The significant differences in business and everyday culture can ruin the most beautiful deal if you can not handle it.

We prepare you for the new environment through intercultural training, assist you throughout the project as a coach and thus support your sustainable cooperation success.

Reliable local partner

Those who want to make headway in Russia inevitably have to cooperate with Russian partners.

The search for reliable strategic partners resembles the search for the pin in a haystack.

We will find the right partner for you and lead you to the contract.

Good contacts with local authorities

This culture of personal relationships has been cultivated in Russia and Asian countries for centuries.

We keep in touch with the various structures in Russia and some Asian countries and are integrated into a stable network on site. This puts us in a position to place and drive your goals in the right places.

Professional project management

The paragraph thicket requires experienced experts for all administrative matters.

We help you to understand all the details in the process and navigate reliably through imponderables and challenges.

If necessary, we are also your permanent sales office on site.

Flexible financing

Companies that plan and implement early growth strategies and their financeability have a clear competitive advantage.

Our support enables you to successfully prepare and present financing.

Fit for Asia? Fit for Russia? Test yourself! Meet us to find out how your company's FITNESS is for opening up markets in Asian countries or in Russia!